Terms and Conditions

On this page, you'll find some basic rules, terms and conditions relating to the SHOP Greater China Awards.

  • The awards contest will be run entirely online via this website.
  • All questions must be answered within the permitted word limit.
  • At no time is the name, logo or other identifyig feature (such as patented display system) of the entrant and/or manufacturing company to be mentioned or shown when completing the questions.
  • A minimum of 3, maximum of 4 x 300dpi JPG files must be uploaded as part of the entry form. Image size is limited to 3MB per image.
  • PDF files will not be accepted.
  • Ideally an image must show the presentation/conceptual format that was accepted for production and another to show the unit complete with stock in its retail environment.
  • All decisions made by the judges are final and there is no appeal process.


If you need any further information, please contact SHOP Greater China.